Better an «Oops» than a «What if»

About Me

Hello there

My name is Jorge, a 25 years old excited by anything related to tech, marketing, and innovation. 10 years of living in London opened my mind both professionally and personally.

I’m a psychologist with a masters degree on Business Administration (MBA) interested in the interaction between new technologies, businesses and the psychology behind it. Counting with strong experience in data analysis, digital marketing and product development using the latest and most efficient technologies.

Owned the set up, tracking and delivery of social, direct, PMP as well as YouTube campaigns delivering results for the biggest kid-compliant digital ecosystem at SuperAwesome (Company owned by Epic Games).

Nowadays I’m specialized in Business development, I have achieved new partnerships deals with companies such Canva, Shopify and PrestaShop with a strong focus on the WordPress Community around the world – Providing talks around the areas of automation, personalization and video-content creation via API or SaaS in New York, Tokyo, London, Bogotá and San José.

Never leaving aside my creativity by designing in Canva, Filkers and Photoshop engaging content for communication strategies in B2B and B2C.